Informative materials

Leaflet "Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in Latvia" ​ Leaflet contains main information about the project objectives, activities and pilot areas as well as information about ecosystem services valuation approach, which will be made according to the project. LV


Brochure "Ecosystem Services Approach for Sustainable Managment"  Brochure consists of brief explanation - what is ecosystem and ecosystem services, gives an insight of ecosystem services division into categories and ecosystem services biophysical, economical and social evaluation methods. In the brochure is also described why nowadays ecosystem services topic is essential and why scientists strive to determine the value of ecosystem services.                    Brochure LV
Newsletters The newsletter provides up-to-date information on the activities of the LIFE Ecosystem Services project, as well as information on the innovations in the ecosystem services topic in Latvia and worldwide.

Newsletter No 8 (LV)

Newsletter No 7 (LV)

Newsletter No 6 (LV)

Newsletter No 5 (LV)

Newsletter No 4 (LV)

Newsletter No 3 (LV)

Newsletter No 2 (LV)

Newsletter No 1 (LV)
Information board „Ecosystem services in Jaunķemeri” The board informs about the diversity of ecosystem services in Jaunķemeri and the activities of the LIFE ecosystem services project. LV/EN

Short film "Ecosystem services"

(7:23 min.)

A short film in attractive way explains the connection between man and the nature and gives an easy insight into the ecosystems and their services.

The film shows benefits and advantages which we gain from nature and which helps to ensure living conditions on earth for human beings and other living organisms, but which often remain undetected in everyday life​​. Ecosystem services include food and drinking water supply, flood control function, as well as tourism and recreational possibilities in nature etc.


Latvian with subtitles in English

  Short film "Ecosystem Services evaluation"​
(5:17 min.)
Film helps to understand what ecosystem services approach is and how it can be useful in spatial planning processes.


Latvian with subtitles in English

Short film “Ecosystem services assessment – a tool for spatial planning

(7:44 min)

Short film includes step by step illustration of ecosystem services assessment process. The target audience of this film are spatial planning specialists interested in new methodological approach implementation in spatial planning process.


Latvian with subtitles in English

TV storyline on Nature Capital
The story explains what the concept of "natural capital" means, what role does environmental conservation matters play in Europe and in Latvia, and what are the project's efforts in assessing natural capital.


Short film "Ecosystem services"

  Short film "Ecosystem Services evaluation"​

Short film "Ecosystem Services evaluation"​

Īsfilma "Ekosistēmu pakalpojumu novērtēšana" ar angļu valodas subtitriem

Short film “Ecosystem services assessment – a tool for spatial planning” 


Īsfilma "Ekosistēmu pakalpojumu novērtēšana – palīgs pašvaldību plānošanā” ar angļu valodas subtitriem    


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