Nature Design Park – Saulkrasti town. White Dune

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Nature Design object ENTRANCE GATE

Entrance Gate are made in a form of White Dune silhouette.

One side of Gate are made in a simple geometric shapes, while the other reflects fragile texture of White Dune slope.

Before the Entrance Gate visitors are welcomed by the Frida the hedgehog, who is sitting on a bench and carefully watching those who comes to see the White Dune. Frida hopes that visitors will be friendly to the surrounding ecosystem as it is her home.

Entrance Gate symbolizes entrance into the world where nature and human can exist together in a friendly, respectful and non-harmful relationship.


Environmental information WHITE DUNE - SAULKRASTI

Environmental information about the seashore and the White Dune.

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Basis for Saulkrasti development! Click to open bigger.

Environmental information board ECOSYSTEM SERVICES - basis for Saulkrasti development

The information board provides the visitor with information about the types of ecosystem services in general and along the coast of Saulkrasti, schematically shows the thematic and functional development of the Saulkrasti coastline from Inčupe to Pēterupe and provides a timeline overview of the Project activities in the pilot area Saulkrasti.

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Nature Design object DO NOT STEP ASIDE! Click to open bigger. Nature Design object DO NOT STEP ASIDE!

The object draws attention to the living creatures that surrounds us in everyday life but often remains unseen.

Object invites us not to step aside from the specially made paths and walkways, in order to protect insects and their home - ecosystem.

Of course, sometimes human and insect paths tend to cross, so watch Your step!

Environmental information CATHERINE’S LINDEN TREES. Click to open bigger. Environmental information CATHERINE’S LINDEN TREES

Environmental information about Catherine’s Linden trees – old trees, which have significant nature and historical value.

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Nature Design object DO NOT MAKE NOISE! Click to open bigger.

Nature Design object DO NOT MAKE NOISE!

Here You will find Frida the hedgehog, who holds her hand on the blanket, below which sleeps her small children.

With the other hand she asks to be quiet and do not make noise.

Frida encourages to visit nature sites quietly as only that way You can notice what is happening around and it is more likely to meet living creatures - hedgehogs, hares, squirrels and a wide variety of insects.

Environmental information WHITE DUNE. Click to open bigger.

Environmental information WHITE DUNE

Environmental information about geological structure of the White Dune and Inčupe river turns.

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Nature Design object DO NOT POLLUTE NATURE! Click to open bigger.

Nature Design object DO NOT POLLUTE NATURE!

This object is devoted to the pollution theme.

Here You will meet Fredis the hare, who is friend of Frida the hedgehog. Fredis sits on the bench and invites visitors not to throw rubbish in nature.

The hare shows that rubbish should be thrown in a garbage bin.

But the best way is to take rubbish with You back home!

Environmental information THE SUNSET TRAIL. Click to open bigger. Environmental information THE SUNSET TRAIL

Environmental information about Sunset trail and ecosystem services in this place.

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Environmental information DUNES. Click to open bigger.

Environmental information DUNES

Environmental information about different habitats which can be found on the seashore.

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Nature Design object TRUMPET. Click to open bigger.

Nature Design object LISTEN TO THE NATURE!

This object in a form of trumpet is a listening device which lets You hear different sounds of nature more clearly – the sound of wind, waves in the sea etc.

An idea of this object comes from listening devices which were used by army of World War I, when the radar was not yet invented.

With such devices specially trained people listened the sky in order to hear an airplane approaching. Device gave an opportunity to hear flying objects from 2 to 8 km far.

Environmental information WOODED DUNES. Click to open bigger.

Environmental information WOODED DUNES

Environmental information about seashore dunes which are covered by forests.

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All objects and information is made by the LIFE+ programme project LIFE13 ENV/LV/000839 "Assessment of ecosystems and their services for nature biodiversity conservation and management", which is financed by the European Union and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. Project is implemented by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, association “Baltic Coasts” and Saulkrasti Municipality.

Event calendar

     April 2024     
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