ECOSYSTEMS are living organisms and non-living nature elements that interact together and form a complete system. ECOSYSTEMS determines our environment and opportunities to exist.

ECOSYSTEMS provides a wide range of services, without which a man could not exist.

Resources given by the ECOSYSTEM we use for breathing, food supply, tourism, education and in many other ways. They form our surrounding culture, history, social and economical basis.

If we consider that an ECOSYSTEM is a tree, then the roots of an ecosystem are a soil and nutrients, air and water. All those elements forms our environment.

The branches of the tree are climate regulation, carbon capture and storage, as well as oxygen distribution. On the branches fruits are growing. Analogy with the ECOSYSTEM - in a healthy environment we can grow and gather food, get drinking water, timber and other useful materials. ECOSYTEM also provides us with the opportunity to gain various experience in nature - travel, rest, get an inspiration etc.

ECOSYSTEMS regulates important processes for all living creatures and creates everything required for the life existance on earth.

ECOSYSTEMS provides a wide range of services, without a man could not exist. Ecosystem services approach describes benefits which people derive from natural resources.


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     May 2024     
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