One of the project "LIFE EcosystemServices" main aims is to develop on ecosystem services methodology based recommendations for coastal municipalities and other inistitutions as well as to create a tool which facilitates recommendation incorporation into spatial planning processes.

In the recommendation development process many key institutions are involved. An expert group is created and consists of representatives from institutions involved in spatial planning activities. Expert group consists of representatives from Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, association "Baltic Coasts", Saulkrasti municipality, spatial planning company "METRUM", University of Latvia, Latvian Association of the Local Coastal Governments, Riga Planning Region Spatial Planning department, Ministry of Agriculture Rural development department and Ministry of Evironmental Protection and Regional Development Nature protection department and Spatial planning department.

In order to create useful and aplicable recommendations and ecosystem services evaluation tool, expert group meetings are held. During meetings expert opinions, suggestions and critics are taken into account and the reccomendation development process are presented as well as discussions about best solutions are held.

Expert group 2nd meeting 02.03.2017. Riga, associaton "Baltic Coasts" office


- project "LIFE EcosystemServices" aims and results;

- tendencies and challenges in spatial planning in Latvia;

- ecosystem services approach role and place in spatial planning processes of Latvia;

- spatial and tipology creation process, based on the Spatial planning system of Latvia and ecosystem services evaluation in project pilot areas;

- discussions about preliminary content of recommendations.

Presentation (in Latvian language)

- Study results


Expert group 1st meeting 24.11.2016. Riga, associaton "Baltic Coasts" office


- project "LIFE EcosystemServices" aims and results;

- world's existing ecosystem services evaluation tool content review;

- discussion about ecosystem services approach integration into coastal spatial planning.

Presentations (in Latvian language)

- project "LIFE EcosystemServices" aims, tasks and results;

- Ecosystem services evaluation/spatial planning tools

- Ecosystem services approach in spatial planning processes


Event calendar

     November 2019