Selected pilot area in Saulkrasti is located near the nature park "Piejūra" between river Inčupe and river Pēterupe.



It includes biologically valuable wooded dunes, wide beach zone and the remarkable natural and historical monument  - White Dune. White Dune has became a symbol of Saulkrasti town. Popuar object is frequently visited and suffers from excessive anthropogenic load and coastal erosion.

White dune is affected by the river Inčupe flow that continuously change it's water course and regularly rinse the dunes and damage tourism infrastructure. Dune erosion is also caused by the large number of visitors. To balance the visitor flows in White dune, Saulkrasti town Municipality takes care of the surrounding infrastructure. As the infrastructure is frequently used, improvements are necessary very often.

Therefore, in the framework of the project in Saulkrasti pilot area a new nature design objects and information boards have been set up.  Objects encourages people to take care of the surroundings and treat carefully to Saulkrasti White Dune. Created informative boards and direction signs provides information on the local nature values ​​and the White Dune formation process as well as gently directs the visitor flow through the coastal forest and White Dune area. More information on nature design objects in Saulkrasti.

In addition to the environmental design objects creation in Saulkrasti pilot area, it is planned to organize several other activities, such as clean-ups, where local residents will be invited.

In this pilot area a calculation of ecosystem services will be provided, results will be compared with data of pilot area in Jaunkemeri and the assessment of project impact on natural capital will be done.


Event calendar

     April 2024     
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