17.04.15 0 Students involved in research about coastal ecosystem services

In the framework of project "LIFE EcosystemServices" a cooperation with BA School of Business and Finance and University of Latvia students has been realized. Students was involved in research about coastal ecosystem services.

This cooperation started in the year 2014 when Latvian universities, association "Baltic Coasts" and Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia agreed to develop an inter-disciplinary research in order to study the basics of ecosystem services approach and make first attempts in ecosystem services monetary evaluation.

As the subject of research two project pilot areas - Saulkrasti and Jaunķemeri - were chosen.

It was decided that the BA School of Business and Finance students will make research about economical evaluation methods and applications, but the University of Latvia students will study ecosystem services and classification.

Project "LIFE EcosystemServices" team also gave educational lectures and presentations for students in order to educate them about ecosystem services topic.

All research materials had been given to the project team and serve as an additional informative material about ecosystem services in pilot areas.


Cooperation realized in the framework of project LIFE13 ENV/LV/000839 "LIFE EcoystemServices" which is implemented by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, association "Baltic Coasts" and Saulkrasti Municipality. Project is co-financed by the European Union and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.


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