10.08.16 0 Knowledge exchange with Europarc Federation

In the 14th of July representative of project "LIFE EcosystemServices" Mrs. Rita Arāja had a meeting with Europarc Federation Juniorranger programme organizers and participants from all over the Europe.

This year as the venue of Europarc Federation annual International Juniorranger camp was chosen Latvia. In the framework of Juniorranger camp one day for International Juniorrangers and their mentors was planned in the coastal area. Mrs. Rita Arāja organized excursion to the Saulkrasti pilot area and White Dune surroundings and prepared some activities for Juniorangers. Youngsters had an opportunity to take alook on the local nature values from different perspective - they filled the worksheets about ecosystem services - they had to calculate an approximate value of local nature objects.

In total youngsters and their mentors confessed that they didn't had knowledge about ecoystem services theme but after the environmental education activity now they see the nature values differently.

During the meeting and nature education activities Mrs. Rita Arāja had an opportunity to exchange experience with the Europarc Federation Juniorranger programme leaders and mentors.


Experience exchange with Europarc Federation in the framework of the project "LIFE EcosystemServices" started in year 2015 when the project team went to Germany and visited Europarc Federation Deutchland office - having a meeting with Mrs. Katja Artzt. During the meeting topics as ecosystem services, marketing and public relations of ecosystem services theme were discussed.

Experience exchange was organized in the framework of project LIFE13 ENV/LV/000839 "LIFE EcoystemServices" which is implemented by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, association "Baltic coasts" and Saulkrasti Municipality. Project is co-financed by the European Union and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.


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