21.01.16 0 Students are involved in the nature design object conception creation

During the end of summer season 2016 at the Saulkrasti town in the White Dune surroundings an unusual nature design objects will be established. Objects will educate people about sustainable actions towards local nature values and as well as educate visitors about ecosystem. Also the aim of objects is to reduce visitor impact on the surrounding nature values. Important investment in the object conception creation is given by students. Therefore, on the 14th of January in Riga Technical University students from different Latvian universities presented their ideas about nature design object creation and improvement of White Dune surroundings.

During the event presentations was given from Riga Technical University, Latvian University of Agriculture and Art Academy of Latvia students. 

Students from Riga Technical University and Latvian University of Agriculture presented their vision about improvements in White Dune surroundings while students from Art Academy of Latvia shared their ideas about design objects creation.

All the ideas were surprisingly creative and will help in the process of nature design object conception creation.

At the end of event project "LIFE EcosystemServices" representatives showed their gratitude of the student contribution into the project action. 

Nature design object creation in Saulkrasti town is one of the project LIFE13 ENV/LV/000839 “Assessment of ecosystems and their services for nature biodiversity conservation and management” or "LIFE EcosystemServices" activities. Project covers Saulkrasti town and Jaunķemeri coastal areas and is implemented by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, Saulkrasti Municipality and the Association "Baltic coasts".

Total funding of the project is 753 290 EUR, of which 376 641 EUR is LIFE + program co-financing, 277 430 EUR is Latvian Environmental Protection Fund co-financing, and 99 219 EUR is co-financing of the project partners. The project implementation will last until the 31 may 2018.



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